Adora has taken the stress out of day-to-day A/P & A/R functions, tax filings and vendor issues. She has become an integral and enthusiastic part of our team, and I don’t know what we would do without her!

Shahfiya Razak
Administrator for Private Trust

I would highly recommend Precision Counts for financial talent recruiting. They helped me recruit for a controller position and led the entire process from end to end. They were outstanding!

Tom Proulx
Co-Founder, Intuit and
Co-Founder & Chairman, Netpulse

After over a decade of bouncing around in between different accountant I finally found a unicorn! Linda is THE BEST. She has an infectious personality which makes her really fun to work with. She also has a teacher’s heart and a great coach!

David Klein
Owner, Menlo Park Legends

Adora is extremely efficient, focused, talented, not to mention patient. She treats our company as if it was her own. Adora is always thinking out of the box in ways to help our company.

Lucia Perez
Hanz de Fuko, Manager

One of the happiest days of my life is the day I found Linda. Linda has two speeds – off and 100%. Actually she is hard to keep up with. Her experience and acumen with all things QBO is light years ahead of the competition. She redefines the meaning of responsiveness. Linda attacks issues with resolve and gusto.

Michael Moshier
CEO, Rapid Lab, Inc.

Linda is always 10 steps ahead! She already knows any pitfalls you could possibly run into as a business owner. She will make you think introspectively and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. You know that old saying, “don’t put all of your eggs into one basket”? Linda is truly the exception to that rule.

Connor Bullard
Sales Representative, Intuit

I’m most impressed with Adora’s vast knowledge of financial management and her keen eye for cost savings. Adora is an innovative thought partner who is ready at all times to address challenges that our organization may face.

Verna Liza Caba
Friends COSW, ED

The quality that sets Linda apart from her peers is that she takes ownership of your success, and not just your finances. Working with Linda is not transactional – she gets invested in your business and becomes a trusted partner.

Mike Tamayo
CEO, Mike Tamayo Coaching LLC

Adora not only provided timely and expert financial consulting but she has a great business acumen that adapted the services she provided to the needs of the client. Adora will always give honest and accurate feedback that is so critical in the Start-up environment.

Alaa Ismail
Early Growth Financial Services, CFO